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Welcome To Al Imtiaz Global Real Estate

Our Approach

Al Imtiaz Global is an independent investment arm administratively from the rest of the other companies owned by its partners and shareholders. The aim of its creation is to focus on the development of various real estate projects and a number of diverse systems that are consistent with the policy and strategy of the founders, whether through direct funding or through joint cooperation. Through changes or adding a new policy approach and visions for corporate allies or partners to establish regional projects rather than merely local projects in the coming years.

Our Commitment / Our Guarantee

The investment in various real estate projects to achieve fast and secure investment by the will of God. In addition to the trust granted by the Company to its customers by dealing directly with the company’s representatives, services and guarantees provided.

In addition to investment returns guarantees and financial guarantees to our customers, we ensure and maintain the rights of the investor until the end of the transfer procedures, property registration and after-sales services.

Our Experience / Our Service / Support

Al Imtiaz Global has highly experienced management team of directors and senior managers has significant experience in the real estate and construction industry. After the adoption of the policy and strategy of the company by the founders which is one of the key foundations of the success is due to the extensive studies carried out by the companys targeted markets according to its vision the Republic of Turkey the United Kingdom and United States Of America. These studies have based on the experience and expertise of partners in targeted real estate markets, which led to a conclusion after a comprehensive study of regional benefit from different experiences and that awarded Al Imtiaz Global a clear vision for the future of real estate development.

Al Imtiaz Global provides and supports its clients with real estate solutions and financial proposals that complements all segments of investors as well as after-sales service. Al Imtiaz Global communicates with clients and provides them with developments of their investments in real estate market as well as new real estate opportunities.